What We Wholesale

Weight loss, sports nutrition and herbal supplements in various guises


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What We Wholesale

· We supply loose “in bulk” without packaging and we supply in finished containers ready for direct consumer use with or without own brand labelling.

· Nutresco products are manufactured in the UK using only the best pharmaceutical grade herbal ingredients and our formulations are amongst the strongest in the market place today.

· All Nutresco supplement formulations are manufactured under strict guidelines and to a BS: EN ISO9001:2000 standard. Additionally the factory is EPA and FDA registered to ensure finished products meet all necessary safety and GMP standards.

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· If products are in stock they will be shipped within an average of 3-4 days on a 2 day delivery, Worldwide; if not in stock please allow 7-10 working days. · While the minimum order for branded & labelled products is 50 units, most of our branded products can be supplied without label, ready for you to add your label. We can also print labels, for a minimum order quantity of 1,000 bottles..

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· If products are in stock they will be shipped within 5 days maximum on a 2 day delivery; if not in stock please allow 7-14 working days.
· We can also source and arrange manufacture for products not listed subject to a minimum order, normally 20,000 capsules / tablets.

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Cosmeceuticals have become the fastest growing segment of the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry. These products are described as cosmetic products with drug-like benefits and are the recent addition to the cosmetics industry. With the growing fascination among people to "look young", the global population's increasing median age, the Cosmeceuticals product market is showing remarkable yearly growth. Technological advancement and the emergence of new ingredients have further contributed to the accelerated commercialisation of Cosmeceutical products worldwide

Cannabidiol (CBD) - Our New Wellbeing Focus

Nutresco's long-standing experience in the food supplements sector has led to a very logical progression into the world of CBD, derived from legal industrial hemp. The scope to improve people's daily lives is enormous and we aim to become market leaders in offering private label CBD products across a wide number of product categories from simple oils in droppers or sprays to skin balms, vapes and capsules.

We can provide an efficiently quick and cost - effective means for you to enter this exciting, specialist market.

Offering you the best CBD Oil in the market from legal industrial hemp

Our starting point is a totally sound European hemp cultivation process where thorough research has identified optimal strains for CBD extraction. The extraction relies on a supercritical CO2 process, which is largely being adopted as the optimum choice.

Other key factors to know:

• The "full spectrum" of phytocannabinoids are present in our oils alongside flavonoids and terpenes, which all add to the product benefits.
• We provide Certification (C of A) to identify every production batch and ensure that the extraction is well within the EU THC limit of <0.2%.
• The hemp cultivation relies on organic farming methods in EU countries with no pesticides or other additives that could adversely affect the natural hemp goodness.
• All finished product manufacture is UK based and to the highest GMP standards.
• We offer lower volume wholesale pricing as well as larger bulk volume/white label pricing with a MOQ of 100 units per product.
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  • Creams, lotions, gels and indoor tanning sprays, lotions and creams
  • Formulation and NPD expertise
  • Packaging facility
  • Professional, friendly customer service
  • Manufactured to GMP Code of Practice and ISO9001:2000 Quality Accreditation
  • Our facility is also FDA and EPA registered

All formulations meet EEC, UK and US Health and Safety Regulations and comply with the Cosmetic and Toiletries Regulations 2006.

Each product is supplied with:

  • A full UVA/UVB Test Certificate (Diffy Test) for Sun Care products.
  • A full Health and Data Sheet
  • Full Microbiological Testing Certificate

All formulations meet EEC, UK and US Health and Safety Regulations and comply with the Cosmetic and Toiletries Regulations 2006.

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Why Choose Nutresco

Your Herbal Supplement Manufacturer

We are your "one-stop shop" solution to unlimited formulations available to you, which includes all product development stages including formulation, packaging, manufacture, we can also introduce you to very reliable fulfilment. Our lead times are the best in the industry and with prices that can not be beaten on like for like formulas, new formulas can be as little as 2 days and we also consider the needs of customers who seek "just in time" manufacturing, so we over produce your formulas ready for the next order. Our highly experienced team will give you the best advice, after sales and marketing services. Our products use quality ingredients substantiated with scientific research, and we source our materials only from the top suppliers in the World.

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NUTRESCO is supplier of pure, high quality nutritional supplements and products in the fields of health, sports, diet and beauty. Through years of knowledge and experience in these industries, we are able to develop almost any product and produce it under your own brand.