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Loose bulk supplements manufactured in the UK to GMP Code of Practice ISO9001:2000 Quality Accreditation (FDA and EPA compliant) We supply orders by the 1000 with a minimum order of 20,000 per product. We have price breaks at quantities at 100,000 on all loose bulk supplements. In stock products are shipped within a 3 days and delivery takes 2 days. Out of stock products can take a maximum of 7 to 21 working days for delivery. We also ship to Europe and worldwide and provide all paperwork to comply with import regulations in your country.

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Below is a list of some of the Loose Bulk Supplements we make.

Product Code Product Description Type
1033 5HTP 100mg Capsules
1170 Pure Acai 500mg Freeze Dried Pulp Capsules
1171 Pure Acai 500mg Freeze Dried Pulp Vegie Capsules
1168 Pure Acai 500mg (4:1- 125mg) Capsules
1310 Pure Acai 600mg Freeze Dried Capsules
1229 Pure Acai 700mg freeze dried pulp Capsules
2016 ACAI 600MG 4:1 Capsules
1227 Acai 4:1 1000mg Capsules
1552 Acai 1000mg Capsules
1379 Acai 500mg Tablets
1210 Acai Detox Capsules
1188 Acai Extreme Capsules
1194 ACAI Extreme Version 2 Capsules
2018 Acai Cleanse Vegi Capsules
1283 Acai Complex Capsules
1995 Acai Diet Complex Capsules
1303 Acai Extreme Version 3 Capsules
1248 Acai Flush New Capsules
2017 Acai Green Tea And Resvaratol Capsules
1175 Acai Hoodia and Caffeine Capsules
1213 Acai Hoodia Resveratrol Green Tea Capsules
1270 Acai Senna Cleanse Capsules
1980 Acai Skinny Fibre Detox Capsules
2026 Acai Slimaluma Capsules
1030 Acidophilus 2 Bill Capsules
1304 Advanced 3X Nitric Oxide Booster Capsules
1988 African Mango 1200mg Capsules
1378 African Mango 1500mg Tablets
1983 African Mango 2400mg Capsules
1557 African Mango 4000mg tablets
1984 African Mango 4800mg Capsules
1564 African Mango 18000mg Capsules
1982 African Mango Extreme Capsules
1345 African Mango Plus Capsules
1391 AGG Capsules
2037 Agnus Cactus 500mg Capsules
1015 Aloe Vera 6000mg Rev 1 Capsules
1261 Alpha Lipoic Acid Capsules
1035 ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 150MG Capsules
1325 Alterno ISO Capsules
1326 Alterno ISO Plus Capsules
2011 AMINO ACID COMPLETE 500mg Capsules
1053 Amino Acid Complex Rev 1 Capsules
1005 Amino Acid Formula Capsules
1006 Amino Acid GHR Complex Capsules
1560 Anabolic UltraMax Capsules
2008 Anti Stress Capsules
1023 Anti-Aging Plus Capsules
1316 Anti-Angiogenesis Capsules
1027 Antioxidant Plus Capsules
1098 Apple Cider Vinegar 150mg Tablets
1562 Apricot Kenel Capsules 500mg Caapsules
1565 Apricot Kenel Capsules 700mg Capsules
1993 AS Fat Burner Version 2 Capsules
1381 Ascophyllum Nodosum 250mg Capsules
1017 B Complex With Theanine Capsules
1276 BCAA 2:1:1 Capsules
1353 BCAA 4:1:1 Capsules
1349 Beet Root 500mg Capsules
1281 Beta Alanine 500mg Capsules
1364 Bilberry 1000mg Tablets
1055 Black Cohosh 3000mg Capsules
1208 BLACK ELDERBERRY 500MG Capsules
1251 Black Garlic Capsules
1100 Boldo Tablets
1300 Brach Chain Amino Acids BCCA Capsules
1271 Brazilian Burn Capsules
2042 Bromealin 500mg Capsules
1350 Cabbage Plus Capsules
1212 Caffeine 100mg Capsules
1380 Caffeine 200mg Tablets
1999 Caffeine 200mg Capsules
1101 Calcium Plus Vit D Tablets
1253 Capsi Diet Extra Capsules
1254 Capsi Trim Capsules
2031 Capsimax Extreme Capsules
1992 Caralluma Fimbrilate 500mg Capsules
1991 Caralluma Fribiata Complex Capsules
2025 Caralluma Frimbriata 200mg Capsules
1009 Carb Blocker Capsules
1374 Cardivascular Supplemment Capsules
1094 Cha De Bugre 400mg Capsules
1383 Cha De burge 500mg Capsules
2015 CHIA AND GREEN TEA 500MG Capsules
1108 Childrens Chewable MultiVits Tablets
1048 Chitosan 250mg Capsules
1110 Chitosan 250mg & Vitamin C 5mg Capsules
1340 Chitosan Glucomannan + White Kidney Bean Capsules
2039 Cinnamon 1000mg Capsules
2009 Cod Liver Oil 400mg Capsules
1107 Cod Liver Oil 1000mg Capsules
1106 Cod Liver Oil 550mg Capsules
1997 Co-Enzyme 100mg Capsules
1242 Co-Enzyme Q10 300mg Capsules
1109 Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg Capsules
1996 Co-Enzyme Q10 60mg Capsules
1040 Collagen – Enzyme enhanced 400mg Capsules
1046 Collagen 500mg Capsules
1043 Collagen 600mg Size 00 Capsules
2041 Collagen Anti-Age Capsules
1010 Collagen BN Capsules
1987 Collagen Marine 750mg Capsules
1025 Collagen Plus Capsules
1258 Colon Cleanse Capsules
1239 Colon Cleanse V2 Capsules
1238 Colon Cleanse VI Capsules
1014 Colon Support Capsules
1187 Colon Support F2 Capsules
1264 Colostrum 200mg Capsules
1373 Colthin Capsules
1102 Complete A-Z MultiVitamin Tablets
1105 Conjugated Linoleic Acid 1000mg Capsules
1103 Cranberry 2000mg Tablets
1104 Cranberry 5000mg Tablets
1323 Cranberry Complex Capsules
1218 CranMax 500mg Capsules
1279 Creatinamax Capsules
1406 Creatine Ethyl Ester 500mg Tablets
1096 Creatine Ethyl Esther 750mg Capsules
1083 Creatine Monohydrate 700mg Capsules
1093 Creatine Monol 500mg Capsules
1556 Creatine Mono Hydrate 500mg Tablets
1074 Damiana 2000mg Capsules
1205 Detox Budget Capsules
1174 DF Herbaslim Capsules
1228 DF Maqui Berry Freeze Dried 500mg Capsules
1257 DF Passion Flower Capsules
1393 Digestive Stimulator Capsules
1365 Echinacea 1000mg Tablets
1016 Echinacea 3200mg Capsules
1063 Echinacea 400mg Tablets
1111 Ellagic Acid 1000mg Tablets
1221 Energy/Diet Capsules
1078 Essential Amino Acids Capsules
1195 Essential Fatty Acid & B Complex Capsules
1158 Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Capsules
1139 Evening Primrose Oil 500mg Capsules
1250 Evolution Slim Capsules
1347 Extreme Erect Capsules
1232 Eye Bright Capsules
1051 EYE CARE Capsules
1029 Fat Blocker Capsules
1401 Fat Burner Budget Capsules
1299 Fat Loss Capsules Capsules
1159 Female Hair Formula Tablets
1285 Female Libido Enhancer Capsules
1114 Fish Oil Omega 3 1000mg Capsules
1113 Fish Oil Omega 3 500mg Capsules
1117 Flaxseed Oil 1000mg Capsules
1116 Folic Acid 400mcg Tablets
1118 Garlic 2mg Capsules
1127 Garlic 75mg Tablets
1268 Gastrointestinal Cleansing Formula Capsules
1032 GINGER 1000MG Capsules
1377 Ginger 500mg Tablets
1119 Ginkgo Biloba 400mg Tablets
1366 Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg Tablets
1222 Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg Vcap Capsules
1019 Ginkgo With Vitamin B Capsules
1327 Glucosamine 100mg Capsules
1287 Glucosamine 500mg Chondroitin 200mg Capsules
1125 Glucosamine 500mg Chondroitin 400mg Vit C 65mg Tablets
1284 Glucosamine Chondrotin Vitamin C Capsules
1122 Glucosamine Sulphate 100mg Tablets
1123 Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg Tablets
1121 Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg Tablets
1126 Glucosamine400 Chondroitin100 MSM50 Vit C 60 Tablets
1120 Goji Berry 500mg Tablets
1020 Goji Pomegranate Acai Capsules
1124 Grapeseed Extract 50mg Tablets
1367 Grapseed 500mg Tablets
1049 Green Coffee Extract 200mg Capsules
1389 Green Lipped Mussel + L-Carnitine Tablets
1390 Green Lipped Mussel + L-Glutamine Tablets
1388 Green Lipped Mussel + Rosehip Tablets
1047 Green Tea 500mg Capsules
1021 Green Tea Plus Capsules
1989 Grow Plus Capsules
1237 Gym Extreme Capsules
1095 Hairloss Formula Capsules
1054 Herbal Hormone Balance Capsules
1002 Herbal Hormone Balance 2 Capsules
1002/3 Herbal Hormone Balance 2 Rev 3 Capsules
1001 Herbal Hormone Balance Rev 1 Capsules
2021 High Potency Long Jack + Tribulus Capsules
1280 HMB Capsules
1165 Hoodia 400mg ( 20mg 20:1) Capsules
1211 Hoodia 400mg (40mg 20:1) Capsules
2005 HOODIA 400MG PURE Capsules
1183 Hoodia 800mg Capsules
1180 Hoodia Complex Tablets
1004 Hoodia Extract 500mg Capsules
1130 Hoodia Gordonii 400mg Tablets
1128 Hoodia Gordonii 700mg Tablets
1131 Hoodia Gordonii Mint Green 1000mg Tablets
1339 Horny Goat Weed 250mg Capsules
1011 HRT HIGH POTENCY Capsules
1278 Hyperactive Capsules
1277 Hyperboost Capsules
1220 Icariin Extract Capsules
1249 Inner Cleanse New Capsules
1026 Joint Plus Capsules
1132 Kelp 300mg Tablets
1444 Kelp 500mg Tablets
1129 Krill Oil Capsules
1082 L Arginine 500mg Capsules
1081 L- Lysine 500mg Capsules
1217 Lactium 150mg Capsules
1178 Laminara Digitata Capsules
1097 L-Carnitine 500mg Capsules
1291 L-Carnosine Capsules
1286 L-Glutathione Capsules
1133 Lecithin 1200mg Capsules
1282 Lipotronic Weight Loss Capsules
1336 Little Blue Pill Capsules
1337 Little Pink Pill Capsules
1076 Long Jack & Tribulus Terrestris 500mg Capsules
1075 Long Jack 20:1 Capsules
2007 Longjack 1000mg Capsules
1206 L-Ornithine 250mg Capsules
2043 Lycopene 15mg Capsules
2033 Maca 750mg Capsules
1290 Magnesium Malate Capsules
1376 Male Performance V5 Capsules
2006 Mangosteen 500mg Capsules
1215 Maqui Berry 125mg 4:1 Capsules
1214 Maqui Berry 500mg Capsules
1216 Maqui Berry Extreme Capsules
1230 Maqui Berry Extreme Plus Capsules
1230/1 Maqui Berry Extreme Plus Clear Capsules
1038 Marine Collagen 400mg Capsules
1039 Marine Collagen 600mg Capsules
2010 Mastic Gum 500mg Capsules
1192 Metabo Extreme Ultra Capsules
1191 Metabo Extreme Capsules
1425 Metabolic Fat Burner Tablets
1338 Milk Thistle 400mg Capsules
1036 MILK THISTLE 5700MG Capsules
1136 MSM 1000mg Tablets
1243 Mulberry Leaf Complex Capsules
1189 Multi Vitamin and Mineral Capsules
1138 Multi Vitamins Plus Minerals Tablets
1062 Multivitamin & Iron 100% RDA Tablets
1341 New Energy Capsules
1301 Nitric Oxide Capsules
1115 Omega Fish Oil 3,6,9 1000mg Capsules
2038 Oregano 1000mg Capsules
2020 Oyster Meat Capsules
2030 Oyster Meat 150mg White Capsules
2029 Oyster Meat Max Capsules
1392 PAG Capsules
1269 Phytoresponse Formula Capsules
1588 Pine Bark Extract 100mg Capsules
1142 Pomegranate 6000mg Tablets
1056 Prostate Plus Capsules
1256 Psyllium Husk Complex Capsules
1057 Psyllium Husks Capsules
1272 Pump UP Capsules
1176 Purecol Capsules
1295 Radiance Defy Capsules
1348 Raging Bull Capsules
1512 Raspberry Ketones 100mg Capsules
1476 Raspberry Ketones Mango Complex – Mangotone Capsules
1007 Red Clover 500mg Capsules
1324 Remind Capsules
2022 Resveratrol 60mg Capsules
2023 Resveratrol 60mg & Green Tea Capsules
2034 Rhodiola Rosea (3% Actives) 500mg leaf Capsules
1235 Rhodiola Rosea 500mg leaf Capsules
1143 Rosehip 2000mg Tablets
2028 Rosehip 2000mg Capsules
2032 Royal Jelly 500mg Capsules
2036 Sage Extract 2500mg Capsules
1622 Saffron Extract 100mg
1368 Saw Palmetto 1000mg Tablets
1031 SAW PALMETTO 2500mg Capsules
1255 Saw Palmetto 320mg Capsules Capsules
1144 Selenium ACE Tablets
1163 Selenium ACE 100% RDA Tablets
2046 Serrapeptase 60,000iu Capsules
1012 Shark Cartilage Capsules
1146 Siberian Ginseng 600mg Tablets
1064 Sida Cordifolia 400mg 8% Extract 4:1 Capsules
1197 Sida Cordifolia Complex Capsules
1259 Sida Cordifolia Complex T5 CHEAP Capsules
1288 Sida Cordifolia Complex 2 T5 MAX Capsules
1293 Sida Cordifolia Complex 3 T5 ULTRAMAX Capsules
1265 Siren Capsules
1331 Spirulina + Ginseng Capsules
1333 Spirulina + Vitamin C Capsules
1332 Spirulina 500mg Capsules
1330 Spirulina Gold Capsules
1369 St Johns Wort 1000mg Tablets
1018 St Johns Wort 250mg Capsules
1147 St Johns Wort 300mg Tablets
1145 Starflower Oil 500mg Capsules
1179 Synephrine & Caffeine Capsules
1510 Synephrine + Caffeine Max Capsules
1361 T5 Complex Capsules Capsules
1335 T5 Phentramine RX Type 37.5mg Capsules
1372 T5 Phentramine Type 50mg Capsules
1567 Tanning Capsules Capsules
1080 Taurine 500mg Capsules
1273 Testoboost Capsules
1375 Testosterone Boost Capsules
1397 The Pink Capsules
1223 Theanine 250mg Capsules
1052 Thermatrim Capsules
1024 Thermo Plus Capsules
1274 Thermoboost Capsules
1008 Thermo-Slim Plus Metaboliser Capsules
1219 Tribulus Extract Capsules
1352 Tribulus Terrestris 1000mg Capsules
1148 Tribulus Terrestris 6250mg Tablets
2045 Tribulus Terrestris 6250mg Capsules
1164 Tribulus Terrestris+ Long Jack 1000mg Capsules
1181 Trim And Slim Capsules
1037 TUMERIC 540MG Capsules
1022 Valerian Plus Capsules
1028 Valerian Root 500mg Capsules
1099 Vitamin B Complex Tablets
1319 Vitamin B Complex Capsules
1317 Vitamin B1 100mg Capsules
1156 Vitamin B50 Complex Tablets
1150 Vitamin B6 10mg Tablets
1162 Vitamin B6 2mg Tablets
1152 Vitamin C 150mg Chewable Tablets
1149 Vitamin C 500mg Chewable Tablets
1318 Vitamin C 500mg Chewable Capsules
1151 Vitamin C 60mg Tablets
1153 Vitamin E 200iu Capsules
1321 Vitamin E 330mg Capsules
2040 Vitamin K2 Capsules
1998 Weight Loss Complex Capsules
1305 Weightloss Complex V4 Capsules
1161 Zinc Gluconate 15mg Tablets
1275 ZMA Capsules
1292 ZMA Budget Capsules

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